Inner Clarity, LLC Client Satisfaction Survey

At Inner Clarity, LLC, we are interested in obtaining your comments about the various services we offer. Your feedback helps us improve the quality of our therapeutic services.

Please use this key when answering questions below:
4 = True to a great extent | 3 = Mostly true | 2 = Somewhat true | 1 = Not at all true | 0 = Does not apply

1.) At this time my counseling.

3. ) My counselor acted professionally.

4.) My counselor understood my problems and concerns.

5.) My counselor and I worked well together.

6.) I felt safe to talk about my issues in counseling.

7.) My counselor helped me to find my own solutions.

8.) I could have done more to make counseling more useful for me.

9.) My counselor could have done more to make counseling more useful for me.

10.) I am satisfied with the accomplishments that I made in counseling.

11.) My concerns that brought me to counseling have improved as a result of the services provided.

12.) I have learned one or more strategies to solve or cope with problems.

13.) I learned to think more clearly/accurately to reduce distressing emotions or behaviors.

14.) I gained greater understanding or a clearer sense of identity.

15.) I live a healthier lifestyle in at least one area. (example: I get more sleep, exercise more, eat better, use less alcohol or other drugs).

16.) I improved my relationship with another person.

17.) I increased my ability to recognize, name, and/or appropriately express my emotions.

18.) I increased my self-confidence or self-esteem.

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