Business Consulting

Robyn DeRespinis, LCSW

robyn derespinis

Robyn has been in the field of social services since 2003 and is currently the Group Practice Owner of Inner Clarity, LLC. She has owned her own private practice since 2014 and then began building a group private practice in 2019.

In her consultation meetings, Robyn is able to help individuals develop, implement, and achieve their goals in creating a new business, or enhancing their current one. She is able to provide direction and feedback on developing certain processes needed to help businesses grow to their full potential. Since Robyn is also a licensed professional, she is able to help her consultees confront any personal barriers they have consciously, or subconsciously set for themselves. She is able to help other professionals know how to “step out of their own way” and allow themselves to fulfill their accomplishments and manage stress along the way.

Robyn states, “Many professionals have the mindset for what it takes to be an entrepreneur, or business owner; as not everyone is cut out for that! However, oftentimes they may find that certain patterns of behavior interfere with their ability to develop and grow their business.
The pandemic provides a perfect example of a point in time when many businesses were able to thrive because they were able to fully choose to pivot their business to what the public needed during that time. For example, restaurant owners that may not have previously done much take-out had to develop a process by which their business catered to delivery, or take-out services. Other businesses were able to use creativity and think outside the box to determine how their business could survive, or even thrive during this time. Other businesses were able to learn how to conduct their businesses remotely when they may not have had to before”.

To schedule a consultation appointment with Robyn, please click the link below. Please note that consultation services are private pay only and not covered by insurance. “Consultation services” are different from “therapeutic mental health services” and both cannot be provided by the same professional.