What is the purpose of positive thinking?

Well, for one, focussing on affirmative thoughts such as ‘everything is always working out for me,’ and ‘today is a great day,’ feel good inside.

But what if thinking positive thoughts actually did change your life completely?

By now you may have heard of the book, The Secret. (if not, get it or watch the movie on Netflix) The Secret reveals the science behind positive thinking and how exactly it can help to shift your life and move you toward a reality filled with feeling great, embracing what’s next, and knowing that you are supported to live your best life now using the Law of Attraction.


So how does the Law of Attraction work?

Simply put, the Law of Attraction states that what you focus on is what you attract.

What you continuously give your attention and energy to is how your reality is created.

So, if you constantly focus on things that are going wrong, you will be met by more instances where things are going wrong.

Adversely, if you shift your attention to things that feel good, you will continue to be placed in moments to feel good.

The two main factors in understanding the Law of Attraction are belief and intention.



In order for the Law of Attraction to work to your benefit, you have to believe completely in what you are focusing on. If you believe that ‘today is a great day,’ state it, believe it, and own it completely. Then, you will be presented with more and more reasons that validate your belief ‘today is a great day.’ Perhaps someone pays for your coffee at the drive through. Maybe you have no traffic on the work. Or maybe you simply smile and recognize all of your personal reasons to feel grateful today.

On the contrary:

Your thoughts are powerful!

If you attempt the belief: ‘today is a great day,’ and immediately follow that with the thought ‘except when I get to work, I’m really not looking forward to meeting with my boss.’ Then, the Law of Attraction is going to meet you exactly where your belief stands.

You may get to work, meet with your boss, be put into a bad mood, focus on feeling angry, and then continue to witness unfortunate circumstances come your way.

The Law of Attraction did not fail, you didn’t really believe that ‘today is going to be a good day.’

You may have thought it momentarily, but one positive affirmation will not negate the true belief inside of you. The belief in the ‘bad moment with your boss,’ was stronger than the belief for a great day. The Law of Attraction meets you always by your actual belief.



All energy follows intention. This means that your thoughts go deeper than surface level.

And the Law of Attraction works only when the intention behind each of your thoughts are for the highest good for all.

For example:

Let’s say you really want a promotion at work so that you can get a raise, feel stable with your household bills, and get recognition from your job for doing great work.

If you work to focus on the promotion, and more so – how you will feel when you are called in to the office as you receive the promotion from your boss, what it feels like to pay all your bills on time, and the feeling of accomplishment – you will be using the Law of Attraction to your benefit and help to bring the promotion closer to your truth.

Now, let’s assume that deep down, you have thought about wanting this promotion so that Sally from HR will feel badly because she wasn’t promoted. Maybe deep down you’re excited that she’ll be upset and have to do extra work as she watches you climb higher in the corporate ladder.

If this is the case, then it’s important to recognize that your intention is not aligned with the highest good for all.

So, even if you focus on the promotion, the Law of Attraction will not work to bring it to you quickly because your desire is also aligned with someone else’s suffering.


How to Use it:

A simple way to begin using the Law of Attraction today is by adapting the belief that

 ‘Everything is always working out for me.’

> That means, even when reality is showing you otherwise (a job you didn’t get, a relationship lost) you feel grounded and secure that these things happened because they weren’t truly for your best benefit.

> Believing that everything is always working out for you will help to shift your mind toward an openness for great things coming your way!

> This quote gives you a great chance to become more aware of the true beliefs and intentions that come up for you when you say it. Understanding the hidden or limiting beliefs that come up around this statement are an essential stepping stone to understanding what has stepped in your way and how to clear it so that you can harness the Law of Attraction for your benefit.

> It will build resiliency in the face of adversity.

> Declaring daily that ‘everything is always working out for me’ aligns your emotions to the feelings of things working out for you.

> When you work to adapt and understand that everything is always working out for you, you welcome in the benefit of believing it is.

The Law of Attraction is an evidence based energetic principle that shares with you that focusing on feeling good will bring more opportunities to feel good your way.

Wondering if it’s worth it to begin to shift your thoughts and feelings to align with more good feelings coming your way? The therapists at InnerClarity, LLC in Hazlet, NJ work with energetic laws such as Law of Attraction so that our clients learn to focus on intention and become aware of the hidden thoughts that stand in their way. At InnerClarity, we believe that your life deserves to feel great. And we work together so that you can create a way of getting there that is in true alignment with what is best for you. Ready to speak to one of our professionals? BOOK YOUR CONSULTATION NOW