Intuitive Consulting

Deanna L. Vicera – Intuitive Consultant

Deanna L. Vicera - Intuitive Consultant

What is intuitive consulting?

 As an intuitive consultant or spiritual advisor, I help to bring functioning clients to an optimal level of freedom in this lifetime by helping them awaken to their true authentic selves and function outside of the ego which holds us often hostage and stuck.

I help people function from a higher level of consciousness of unconditional love, unconditional acceptance for what is vs. a lower vibrational energy coming from blaming others, anger or fear ect.


Education and Training:

Florida Atlantic University – BS Exercise Science 1994
20+ Years of study with all aspects of Spiritual consulting
Marissa Peer Hypnotherapy Program RTT (Currently Enrolled)


Certified Psychic Intuitive HSI 2018
Reiki Master Certified 2014 NYC Reiki Center
Life Coach IPEC Program Training Completed 2018
Ordained Spiritualist Minister HSI 2019


Co-author of Leading with Light


Who is an ideal client for intuitive consulting services?

Anyone in this lifetime that is willing to invest in themselves to be free!

One who is often searching for more out of this lifetime.

One who is awakening.

One who is transitioning

One who feels stuck

One who is a functional  human being that is searching to achieve an optimal level of being


What is the difference between therapy and the services Deanna provides?

Therapeutic services are conducted by licensed professionals who are able to work with those whose symptoms have had a negative impact on their overall functioning.  Life Coaching takes “functional” to “optimal”.  An Intuitive Consultant is able to see things from not only an intellectual perspective, but from intuition. They utilize the wisdom and knowledge from the other side while being able to access their psychic gifts to speed up the process of one’s soul’s evolution.


**Please note that Deanna Vicera is not a licensed Therapist, or Counselor and the services she provides are private pay only and not covered/reimbursed by insurance.**