Who is telehealth (online therapy) good for?

Stay-at-home or working parent

  • We all know how hard it is to do pretty much anything with young children at home.  Telehealth offers flexibility for parents to meet with their therapist at a time that is convenient for them – naptime, lunch time, or even in that hour waiting for your child to get out of the after school activity. 

Working professionals

  • Many employers are now much more open to allowing time during the day for employees to receive the mental health and physical care they need. One benefit to the employer is instead of using PTO for that time to get to and from a doctor’s office plus the visit itself, the employee only needs 1 hour of time to use during the work day and they are able to get right back to work. 
  • Also, many mental health providers quickly book up those evening and weekend appointments, so telehealth is a great option for working professionals to get their session done during the work day. 
  • We are able to provide discrete notes for work if needed.

Busy college students 

  • As many college students go back to school in the fall, many of them need the flexibility of being able to meet with their counselor in the comfort of their own dorm, home, or apartment.  
  • Telehealth reduces the cost of travel to and from an office and makes it easy to fit in between classes. 

Those who need a specialist in an area of mental health that is hard to find

  • If someone needs to see a provider that specializes in a certain area, it is very likely that the patient would need to travel far to see them.  Telehealth opens up the opportunity to see a therapist who specializes in their area of concern, even if their office is far from home.

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