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Adoption Counselors are Familiar with Your Unique Challenges

Families and individuals affected by adoption may require support from a therapist who is familiar with the unique challenges that adoptive families may face.  The therapists at Inner Clarity are all able to obtain consultation services provided by Robyn DeRespinis, LCSW on any clients who are touched by adoption as she has had experience in working with countless families in both inpatient and outpatient settings who have been coping with feelings relating to their adoption.  She has also been able to provide support and feedback to adoptive parents as well as women who are considering placing a child for adoption. Ms. DeRespinis has attended a number of conferences focused on addressing and identifying possible concerns relating to adoption. To add to her clinical knowledge, she is also in the process of completing the Certificate Program in Adoption from Rutgers University.  It is her exceptional clinical training combined with her own personal connection with adoption, that allows her to help our Clinicians provide the most clinically informed care to our clients.

Our Adoption Therapists in Hazlet and Tinton Falls, are Here to Help

Our clinicians are able to incorporate various skills into treatment including: grief and loss, attachment-focused therapies, pre-verbal trauma work,  grounding, identity exploration, emotion regulation & validation skills, as well as psychoeducation to parents and adoptees about the effects of adoption across the lifespan.  Each of these skills are important to meet the individual needs of our adoptive families and adopted individuals.

It is important to note that specifically with regard to adopted children and teens, that traditional behavioral therapies and interventions are not as helpful and therapists may instead implement: The Nurtured Heart Approach, Attachment-Focused Family Therapy, and helping the parent/caregiver/adopted person understand the meaning behind the behavior, or underlying causes of the behavior.

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We offer therapy for adopted children and their families in the areas of Monmouth and Union counties, as well as online to the entire state of New Jersey.

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