Therapy for Anxiety in NJ, TX, FL

Anxiety is the most common disorder worldwide. Many of our therapists specialize in the treatment of anxiety – specifically generalized anxiety disorders, social phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and panic disorder. In our work, many clients have shown measurable improvement in their level of anxiety, reduction in intensity and duration of symptoms, and improvement in overall functioning. Oftentimes, the therapist can also provide a screening tool to determine the level and type of anxiety a client may present with. This can be administered at the beginning of treatment and again toward the end of treatment to indicate progress, or improvement in the anxiety symptoms.

We Offer ERP Therapy for OCD

Typically a therapy called “Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy” (ERP) is a highly effective type of therapy that can be used to treat Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).  Someone with OCD typically is plagued by repetitive thoughts, obsessions, and/or behaviors that interfere with their everyday life and relationships. With the use of ERP, clients with OCD can learn to gradually expose themselves to the distressing situations, images, and thoughts that trigger the OCD thoughts and behaviors.  This is specifically important since a person cannot live life without eventually being confronted with one of these triggers.  Avoiding the trigger also only amplifies the OCD and anxiety reactions instead of alleviating them.  

Not all clinicians are equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively treat someone with OCD, so it is very important to find someone with training in CBT, or ERP.  

One of the benefits of seeking support at Inner Clarity, is that we can match our clients with a therapist who would be the best fit for someone with this particular type of diagnosis.

Our Anxiety Therapists are Here to Help

All of our therapists utilize evidence-based interventions to help our clients build coping skills in order to cope with their anxiety symptoms. Anxiety and chronic worry can be debilitating and significantly affect one’s functioning at work, relationships with family and friends, ability to socialize, complete projects and meet deadlines on time.

Symptoms of Panic Attacks and Other Forms of Anxiety

Oftentimes, we hear that some of our clients may even go to their primary doctor, or ER as they believe they are having a heart attack, heart palpitations, and later learn what they experienced was actually a panic attack. Common somatic, or physical symptoms that often occur along with anxiety include: headaches, upset stomach, rapid heartbeat, excessive sweating, feeling faint or dizzy, nausea, stuttering, and sleeplessness. If you are experiencing any of these physical symptoms, it is important to be screened by your medical doctor in order to rule out any physical illness. Once medical issues can be ruled out, it is important to consider getting evaluated for an anxiety disorder and receive treatment.

Anxiety Disorder Treatment May Require a Combination of Holistic Therapies, Medication, along with Psychotherapy

Treatment for anxiety often consists of a combination of both medication, or holistic practices and therapy, although many clients with mild to moderate anxiety have been able to see a benefit from therapy alone.

Recent studies show that about half of the people with anxiety and depression opt away from traditional medication management and toward more holistic approaches to healing.  Link to page on Holistic Therapies

Get Therapy for Anxiety in NJ, TX, FL

We offer anxiety therapy for panic attacks, social anxiety, OCD, stress, and more.  Our physical offices are located in Hazlet and Tinton Falls, New Jersey. We also have clinicians licensed in TX and FL, who can offer telehealth therapy.  Request an appointment today.

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