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Rapid Eye Movement Therapy Explained

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, which was developed by Francine Shapiro developed to heal traumatic memories.  It was formed on the basis of the idea that when we sleep we engage in a process called REM (Rapid Eye Movement) when we sleep.  It is understood that during this stage of sleep we are able to process thoughts and ideas relating to the events that occurred during our waking state.

During a particular stage of EMDR treatment, the client engages in these rapid eye movements as a way to process the traumatic and/or disturbing memories that have been “stuck” deep within the brain, and helps them to be “digested”, or integrated into a healthier perspective of the memory.   Just like our physical body is pre-programmed to be able to self-heal, so too is the brain.

EMDR Treatments are Effective for a Variety of Presenting Concerns

Research has also determined that EMDR treatment is effective in the treatment of traumatic grief, h/o childhood abuse, attachment disorders, chronic depression, and many anxiety disorders as well as complex trauma.  Click here to read more about EMDR.

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