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​Being a teenager is far from easy. We all remember the self-doubt, peer pressure, mood swings, and let’s not forget about the hormones. Being stuck somewhere between a child and an adult can be a confusing time. As a parent, it can be even more confusing. The child that once came to you for everything now has a hard time speaking with you and communicating their needs and emotions. When a conversation does take place, it usually ends in a disagreement or a slammed door. Wondering if your child is alright and not knowing how to help can be frustrating, as well as scary, for a parent. If this sounds familiar, and you feel you are currently living this reality, let me share some information with you and talk about the benefits of teenagers receiving individual therapy.

Seeking Therapy for OCD in Teenagers, Teen Anxiety, and More

A teenager can be seeking therapy for a number of reasons, such as: anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, stress, feeling overwhelmed, behavioral problems, relationship related issues, or trauma. Despite the reason, when a teenager is involved in therapy, they will be able to receive mentoring and guidance in a private setting. Most of the time, teenagers find it difficult sharing their feelings with their parents, or any family member for that matter. As they are already feeling uncertain and insecure about their bodies and/or other aspects about themselves, adding feelings or emotions to the mix can tend to be overwhelming and frustrating. Having a safe, nonjudgmental place for them to share and open up can give them a sense of comfort and security.

Our Teenage Therapists in Hazlet and Tinton Falls, Create a Calm and Open Environment

Therapists are trained to be non-judgmental and create a calm and open environment for their clients to share in. They take on the role of being a trustworthy, non-pushy confidant and mentor to a teenager, who then becomes more of a person that a teenager can talk with who is non-biased and is able to stay calm and neutral during difficult discussions. Therapy can become a safe place for a teenager to explore their feelings and learn new ways to think and act.

Teen Counseling Helps the Entire Family

Additionally, therapy can assist a family get through the teenage years as a team. Learning to communicate and validate one another’s feelings will do wonders for the family dynamic. Some would say the teenage years are the hardest years a family can face. With a teenager being involved in therapy, it will benefit the family as a whole and help with making their home more open, calm, and harmonious. Finding a therapist that works for you and your family is a unique journey, but with the right match, could be a life changing opportunity for everyone.

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Our therapists for teens help treat anxiety, OCD, depression, and more in the areas of Monmouth and Union counties, as well as online to the entire state of New Jersey.

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