Trauma can be caused by various situations in one’s life such as natural disasters, war, illness or injury, death of a loved one, and natural disasters. Some people who have experienced trauma may end up with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which includes symptoms such as recurrent thoughts of the event, nightmares, flashbacks, avoidance of people, places or things, difficulty remembering the event, negative thinking, irritability, problems with concentration, or sleep disturbance according to the DSM-5.

Not everyone who experiences a trauma has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Trauma can leave lasting effects on someone who may not encompass all of the symptoms necessary to meet diagnostic criteria, but that does not make the event less traumatic to a person. Each trauma is different and each person reacts to trauma differently. Someone who has experienced trauma can often benefit from common therapy approaches such as medication management, behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and group therapy to allow them to manage biological and psychological difficulties resulting from the event.

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